FDA 510(k) Applications Submitted by Sterngold Dental, LLC

FDA 510(k) Number Submission Date Device Name Applicant
K150250 02/03/2015 SternSnap Angled Attachment Sterngold Dental, LLC
K150968 04/13/2015 TRU Dental Implant System Sterngold Dental, LLC
K171728 06/12/2017 MOR 3.0mm and PUR NP 3.2mm Implant Systems, MOR 2.1x18mm and 2.4x18mm Sterngold Dental, LLC
K151928 07/14/2015 PUR Dental Implant System STERNGOLD DENTAL, LLC
K142407 08/28/2014 Straight Stud Attachment Sterngold Dental, LLC
K142667 09/19/2014 Stern AC 3.3x10mm, Stern AC 3.3x11.5mm, Stern AC 3.3x13mm, Stern AC 4.0x8.5mm, Stern AC 4.0x10mm Sterngold Dental, LLC
K153173 11/03/2015 MOR Implant System STERNGOLD DENTAL, LLC

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