Medical Device Names Beginning with "IR"

Product Code Device Class Device Name Regulation Number
  RHA N Ir Data Transmit/Control  
  RFO N Ir Free-Space Data Transmit/Control Laser  
  RGY N Ir Intrusion Detector  
  REX N Ir Laser Illuminator Only/Night Vision System  
  REW N Ir Laser Illuminator With Alignment Aid/Night Vision System  
  RFB N Ir Laser Intrusion Detection/Security System  
  RHD N Ir Remote Controller  
  RGZ N Ir Security  
  HYQ 1 Iron Chloride-Weigert   864.185
  GGH 1 Iron Stains   864.185
  MYW N Irradiation,Blood Indicators  
  MOT U Irradiator, Blood To Prevent Graft Versus Host Disease  
  EXD 2 Irrigator, Ostomy   876.5895
  KMA 1 Irrigator, Powered Nasal   874.555
  KAR 1 Irrigator, Sinus   874.442

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