Medical Device Names Beginning with "VE"

Product Code Device Class Device Name Regulation Number
  DYC 2 Vectorcardiograph   870.24
  RCP N Vehicle And Cargo X-Ray System, Mobile  
  RCQ N Vehicle And Cargo X-Ray System, Stationary  
  INI 2 Vehicle, Motorized 3-Wheeled   890.38
  RCU N Vending Machine  
  CBK 2 Ventilator, Continuous, Facility Use   868.5895
  NQY 2 Ventilator, Continuous, Minimal Ventilatory Support, Home Use   868.5895
  MNT 2 Ventilator, Continuous, Minimal Ventilatory Support,Facility Use   868.5895
  MNS 2 Ventilator, Continuous, Non-Life-Supporting   868.5895
  BTM 2 Ventilator, Emergency, Manual (Resuscitator)   868.5915
  BTL 2 Ventilator, Emergency, Powered (Resuscitator)   868.5925
  BYT 2 Ventilator, External Body, Negative Pressure, Adult (Cuirass)   868.5935
  LSZ 3 Ventilator, High Frequency  
  BZD 2 Ventilator, Non-Continuous (Respirator)   868.5905
  MNR 2 Ventilatory Effort Recorder   868.2375
  DSQ 3 Ventricular (Assisst) Bypass  
  OKR 3 Ventricular Bypass (Assist) Device   870.3545
  NUD 2 Vertebroplasty Compound, Calcium Based   888.3027
  OMR 2 Vessel Guard Or Cover   870.347
  MFX 2 Vessel Guard Or Cover, To Facilitate Revision Surgeries   870.347
  RAS N Veterinary Diagnostic Ultrasonic Products  
  RCJ N Veterinary Diagnostic X-Ray System  
  RGB N Veterinary Laser  
  RGV N Veterinary Optical Product  
  RAT N Veterinary Therapy Ultrasonic Products  
  RCK N Veterinary X-Ray Therapy System  
  RDG N Veterinary, Microwave Medical Products  

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